To empower students with cutting edge technology for success in today’s highly competitive environment.

STEM Math Made Easy, Inc. commits, as a non-profit corporation with a tax exempt 501(c)3 status, to improve society’s education by being a supplier of high quality technology and training, assembled in the United States, through a diverse and inclusive work force.

Transforming education through a strong emphasis on cutting edge technology and methods.

We will ensure quality with a focus on education for our employees, provide training/internships through local educational institutions, and inspire continuous improvement through industry collaboration and best practices.

Our commitment, as an innovative business, is to ease the quality and availability issues facing the educational market today, by being a quality-driven manufacturer and job creating force.



To establish a Non-Profit corporation with a tax exempt 501(c)3 status. To have flexibility to respond to educational gaps created by for profit corporations and fill in the gap of educational needs for students at all levels of study and workforce development.

  • Advancement of STEM education, engineering, and science.
  • Lessening the burden of government around educational costs.
  • Flexibility to respond to educational needs.
  • Relieving society of high-priced educational technology.
  • Aiding education of high school, technical, college and university students.
  • Aiding a community or geographical area by attracting new industry to the operating region, or encouraging development and retention of an industry in the community or area through education.


You Can Make A Difference… to a student, to a group or an organization, or to a school!

STEM Math Made Easy Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing student of all ages with cutting edge technology for success in today’s workforce.

Donations can be ear-marked for a specific person, group, organization or school.  Contact us to donate and support our STEM building efforts.  Donations are tax deductible.

Leadership Profile

Our team has accumulated 150+ years of industry experience in education, training development, workforce support and business management.

We have worked with raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and large and small organizations. We have taught and lectured on industry practices and have been members of industry working groups.  Listed here are the senior leadership team members.

Craig Hane, Ph.D. – Board Director, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO.

BS in Math and English, Doctorate in Algebraic Number Theory, 50+ years of instructional experience in both academia and private industry.

Debbie Goodman – Board Director, Board Secretary/Treasurer.

Attended Indiana University majoring in Business Administration, 30+ years of managing operations and businesses.

Stacy Hiquet – Board Director

BS in Mathematics with Computer Science, 20+ years of experience in building business lines, acquiring and integrating businesses and creating educational training materials for internal and external audiences.

Kevin B. Riley – Board Director

Kevin B. Riley of Lorain, Ohio, has spent his career in real estate consulting and small business consulting since 1981.  He is a 1980 Kent State University graduate with a B. S. in Business Administration.  Kevin’s specialization lies in networking and complex problem solving.  Kevin feels his experience will allow him to further advance the SupraComputer Interactive Workshop opportunities as outreach.  Kevin’s passion is to expand the math and STEM talents for all Club Members.

John Dinkel – Board Director

BS in Education and US Army Veteran with 40+ years of experience in insurance and risk management.  Serves as Chairman of the Terre Haute, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corp., Housing Authority and Union Hospital Foundation.    Charter Member of Indiana State University and volunteers for multiple organizations such as United Way and Boy Scouts of America.


Please contact us with any questions, for assistance, for if you are interested in donating to our cause.

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